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 About Ambassadors of change

'Mazingira Ambassadors of Change' is a youth program that aims to educate young people
between the ages of 17 and 35 about sexual and reproductive health, as well as other important topics such as eliminating harmful practices like female genital mutilation and child marriage. The program selects young people who are interested in becoming game of changers in the community, and puts them through a vetting process, after which they are trained for three days in peer-to-peer education skills, leadership, communication, and conflict resolution. The training concludes with a graduation ceremony that includes the community and the ambassadors' families. The program also encourages positive attitudes towards sexual health and reproductive rights with thought-provoking messages or questions, which are placed in social spaces.


    On Monday 5th June 2023, The NOPE NPI expand Mazingira's Ambassadors of Change in partnership with Soroptimist International Nairobi Central (SINC)participated in a cleanup exercise at Olululunga, Narok town, in Honor of the world environment day to beat plastic pollution. The duo rallied with a team of dedicated volunteers to create awareness and educate the community about the importance of environmental conservation.
    During the outreach, the youth ambassadors employed the use of magnet theatre to draw the attention of passersby as they marched the streets with colorful banners, chanted slogans, handed out pamphlets and engaged in conversations, to spread the environmental message widely.

    They were armed with gloves, garbage bags, brooms, as they fanned out across the streets of Olululunga collecting plastic bottles, discarded wrappers, and other debris to ensure that each pathway regained its original charm.

    Moreover, the duo partook in a tree-planting campaign where the First Lady, Narok County led the exercise of planting 100 trees within one of the schools’ compounds. They also distributed saplings to community members and encouraged planting sessions within schools, and public places in hopes to restore the village’s original charm.

    The success of the day events encouraged the Ambassadors to continue their work beyond World Environment Day. Now they’ve established clean-up campaigns and educational environmental workshops in collaboration with schools and community organizations.

    Mazingira ambassadors doing cleaning in ololunga market

    One of their missions is to keep their environment clean and promote sustainable practices by exploring new ways to create a sustainable future for their village. The tree-planting and clean up exercise was to tale of the importance of ecological care, waste disposal control and sustainable practices for a thriving environment.

    World Menstrual Hygiene Day

    Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Day held at Narok

    Students and organizers pose for a photo.

    On Monday May 29th & June 2nd 2023, NOPE NPI expand project & Soroptimist International Nairobi Central (SINC) came together to make a difference in the lives of young girls by launching a groundbreaking collaboration to provide menstrual kits to school children on World Hygiene Day.

    Located in Narok, deep in lush vegetation of a vibrant landscape, the community's young girls  face substantial challenges every month. With limited access to proper menstrual hygiene
    products, they often miss school and are unable to manage their periods with poise and confidence. This situation sparked concern. 
    Alarmed and drawn together by their shared vision of empowering girls, NOPE and SINC teamed to march the local streets to educate on menstrual hygiene, call for provision of period friendly sanitation rooms & easy access to menstrual products and there after created a more significant impact by providing menstrual kits to the girls in Olululunga.

    The organized Menstrual Hygiene Day at the schools Masikonde & Olashapani increased awareness of Menstrual hygiene (MH), condemned the stigmatization of girls having periods,
    called for more period products and encouraged girls to stay in school. The partnership successfully distributed 1000 pieces of sanitary towels to the girls of various schools present,
    and 840 boxers for the boys. The schools present were Namely, Olshapaani, Eor Ewuaso, Ololulunga, Olgilai Ololunga, Masantare, Oloirien and Oloisiyioi primary schools. Each kit contained two reusable sanitary pads, an inner wear, and an educational calendar to help track their monthly periods. This was in hopes of helping them feel seen, understood, and supported in their passage towards womanhood. 
    Going on forward, NOPE hopes to expand its efforts to reach more villages and communities
    and foster change on a large scale. Therefore,many thanks to Soroptmist International Nairobi
    Central (SINC), First Lady of Narok Agnes Ntutu who is very passionate about girls and is
    working towards retaining girls in school. The Area Chief of Olululunga ward, the
    representatives from the ministry of Education in Narok, county Reproductive Health (RH)
    coordinator and finally those who graced our functions & helped us in our quest to spread MH

    Students and organizers pose for a photo.

    Above, Rally on #MHDAY2023 in Narok County.

    From Right The First Lady of Narok Agnes Ntutu,NOPE Director of Programs Ms.Mary Muia & SINC President Rose Mavisi handing seedlings to Olashapani Headteacher.

    Ms. Charlene Maina

    "Our determination is unwavering, and we continue to seek collaborative efforts from likeminded individuals who understand the importance of menstrual hygiene."

    Agnes Ntutu - Narok First Lady

    ‘From today, we want to witness the number of girls attending school constantly increasing, have a higher academic performance and grow sense of confidence among yourselves.
    It is our hope that this will turn out to be a ripple effect that extends beyond the classroom to inspire the entire community to challenge
    harmful menstrual restrictions and embrace a more inclusive and empowering environment for girls."

    Ms. Mary Muia- Director of Programs, NOPE

    ‘I believe that access to proper hygiene products is not only essential for the girls' well-being but also crucial for ensuring their consistent attendance at school. And as we break down the
    barriers associated with menstruation; we hope to foster an environment where every girl can pursue her dreams unconstrained’ 

    Ms.Mary Muia Director of Programs in NOPE inspiring the students.

    Charlene Maina -Club Programme Director, Soroptimist
    International Nairobi Central inspiring the students.



    Determined, Resilient, empowered, AIDS-free, Mentored, and safe About dreams

    The DREAMS (Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS-free, Mentored, and Safe) project is a program that equips young women with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to achieve their goals. The group sets out to make a difference in the lives of adolescent girls and young women. The Subcounty AIDS & STI Control Officer (SCASCO) and the subcounty Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) have been joining hands to conduct a series of
    empowering capacity-building sessions for young women, known as the DREAMS ambassadors.

    The sessions cover range of topics, including sexual and reproductive health, HIV prevention, life skills, and entrepreneurship where mentors share their expertise in AIDS and STI control to enlighten the girls on safe practices and dispelling common myths surrounding these issues.
    The sexual reproductive health topics emphasizes the significance of education, family planning, and gender equality.

    Health talk for the Adolescents Girls & Young Women (AGYW) during the stakeholder engagement activity

    The DREAMS ambassadors are provided with mentorship opportunities as successful women from various fields are invited to share their stories and provide guidance to the young women to inspire & instill a deep sense of
    belief in their own potential.

    Health talk for the Adolescents Girls & Young Women (AGYW) during the stakeholder engagement activity

    Moreover, The Adolescent children participate in interactive activities such as role-playing scenarios, group discussions and engage with the materials on a practical level (Image)so they can identify their unique
    strengths, talents, learn to communicate effectively, assert their rights, and make informed decisions.

    Well wisher donation of Geometrical Sets to Students which was distributed by  Our Dream capacity builder and mentor

    As the sessions have progressed the impact is becoming more evident. The organized community initiatives have been a catalyst in helping spread awareness about sexual reproductive health and in advocating for gender equality. Hence, we’ve seen a transformative change.

    Donation of Geometrical sets for the Students At Kaswanga Primary School in Rusinga

    The capacity-building sessions is life encouraging for DREAMS ambassadors as with their knowledge, skills, and unwavering determination, they’ve broken barriers, shattered stereotypes, and created a future chasing their dreams without fear and limitations.